Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Why Open Collective?

We are supportive of the open source community, we want to build Teamo on a strong foundation based on collaboration, transparency, and honesty.

How Teamo operate on a daily basis?

Our revenue and expense are publicly disclosed on Open Collective, we have a people first mentality.
Teamo participant receive their pay day (the second week of the month) based on the revenue generated the previous month.

How Teamo governance model work?

We enjoy freedom, but to be effective we need a formal process based on role [Leaders,Contributors and Volunteers].
Teamo evolve into a two-tier hub & spoke consortium architecture.

Can Teamo issue 501(c)(3) receipt?

At this moment the answer is no, we are still looking for a fiscal sponsor to be able to issue receipt for tax refund.

What to the expect as a Teamo contributor?

Contributor are free to post OSS project or opt-in on existing project as long those OSS project share a common vision with Teamo mission.

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