About "Modealization"

We need a new simple definition that captures in better terms the essence of the internet of value (W3C manifesto) versus the old on/off blockchain definition commonly employed that suffers from intellectual emptiness from web 3.0 advocate.
"Modealization" is a new lexicon to describe the blockchain stack in more simple terms, by the fact we have, consensus, incentivization mechanism and different data structure that involve inside an event-driven microservice architecture with a programmed tx_instruction set inside a peer to peer paradigm with different governance system, say hello to complexity. In more simple term we could describe the blockchain stack as a reflexive database, I would write more on reflexivity on a later post.

"Modealization" = Model + Deal + Globalization

"Modealization" the term is coined by the author, the new paradigm implies new lexicon for a better definition for the business logic web evolution toward the internet of value. Modealization is the winding path to discover the intrinsic value for stakeholders that could provide inside a business agreement.
"Model": is a reference to the data structure, consensus and governance mechanism applied to the ecosystem.
- Data structure → blockchain, distributed ledger technology, hashgraph, interledger protocol etc…
- Consensus → Proof of Work, Proof of Sake, Proof of Stake Delegate, Proof of Burn, Proof of Space etc… Byzantine Fault Tolerant, Raft, Paxo, BFT-Smart, Sieve, PBFT, etc…

- Governance → {permissioned/private}, {public/permissionless}, {hybrid, public/private}, {consortium, lead provider, managing agent, hub and spoke} etc..
"Deal":Incentivization mechanism for consensus participation, e.g block reward for bitcoin miner or equity compensation inside the corporate world. Bitcoin direct monetization occurs at the hardware level with a big cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer like Bitmain. We could add that huge part of the bitcoin monetization occur at exchange level, but that is classified as indirect monetization.

Incentivization as to be reflexive with monetization for the service provided or else you will be stuck inside the prisoner dilemma, which means a massive technical debt or a massive social debt, the absolute worst is having both...

"Globalization":Trade and transactions, capital and investment movements,6 degree of separation, technology evolution and the dissemination of knowledge with regulation and compliance.   

Intra-Modealization vs Extra-Modealization

Autonomous agents aggregator as two states for business logic distribution and retribution.

which is the self-reference business logic reflexive with is consensus, on public blockchain is hardcoded inside the base layer. Usually, we will see block reward computational function with service summation. Consensus as a Service, the term is coined by Tim Swanson.

Extra-Modealization; is the business logic that refers to states channel that interacts with oracles, block reward function could be interchanged between intra/extra modealization depending on the stakeholder's architectures of choice. Inside business extra-modealization logic we will see mostly, identification, reputation, monetization, and equity distribution.

Bruno Cecchini

[Leaders] Chief Waterboy Officer "CWO"

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