Call' N Out

Anna Velvet

[Leaders] Chief Legal Officer "CLO"

Project Description

Call'N Out is a weekly slacktivism "activism with logical positivism" show that will be broadcast on social media with the power of the crowd..

Project Objective

Call’N Out is a show for activist where the power of the crowd will be used to Call’N Out professional bullshitters on media and seasoned bullshitters on a social network to fight misinformation, fraud, and any form of intellectualism.

  • Create a dedicated video channel to Call’N Out bullshit
  • Reach a broad audience with accessible content by leveraging a good sense of humor with good taste.
  • Open communication channel to make the audience participate to leverage the power of the crowd.
  • Build a line of defense to protect our interest against haters and bullshitters.
  • Craft network rule that enforces respect and good manners between all stakeholders, any call about race or religion, is strictly prohibited

Key milestone

  • Create the first meetup to present the project with early adopter.
  • Raise a team (video editor, validator, curator,producer, scripter, etc…)
  • Create show format (duration, subjects, anchor, host, etc…)
  • Create a crowdfunding campaign
  • Setting up a multi-distribution channel on social network
  • Design business logic rule that favor cooperation over competition
  • Design modealization requirement for tokenization (back end)
  • Create a partnership with a law firm (optional)
  • Run the show and Call’N Out those bullshitters

Key insight

Call’N Out bullshitters as to be fun, or else that could produce a great amount of stress, humor is our medicine to the world insanity.

Be Prepared  

If you are fed up of all this bullshit floating in this world, jump on board and be a Call’N Out bullshit leader.

Bruno Cecchini

[Leaders] Chief Waterboy Officer "CWO"

Anna Velvet

[Leaders] Chief Legal Officer "CLO"

Vanessa Carby

[Contributors] Actress

Ana Araujo

[Contributors] Web

Gen Crowley

[Contributors] Actress

Melissa Brunet

[Leaders] Marketing

Sandra Lee

[Leaders] Actress

Hash Ah

[Contributors] Actor

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Call' N Out

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