Bruno Cecchini

[Leaders] Chief Waterboy Officer "CWO"

Fiduchat start with the FinOS project which is a big dream that is getting closer year over year. Fidu mean trust in Esperanto and trust as to be universal, straight to the point we need to scale bottom up to share trust between all stakeholders. We will start the project with a modest mean, for the beginning we will share a trading/investment chatroom on Slack.

Here the list of channel:

  • Education: We post education content related to finance and technology inside this channel.
  • Coach: We help each other to deal with personal struggle (budget, relationships,etc..) and with the market psychology.
  • Investment: We share investment idea on a wide range of asset
  • Stock: We share stock trade or stock investment idea.
  • Commodities: We share trading idea on energy,metal, agriculture etc..
  • Forex: We share trading idea on the FX market.
  • Cryptocurrency: We share trading idea on major crypto and atlcoin
  • Credit Market: We share the states of affairs in the lending market plus investment/trading opportunity.
  • Brainstorming: We hold brainstorming session on an weekly basis on Zoom to discuss the states of the market and market opportunity.
Please feel welcome to joint our community by clicking the link below.


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Fiduchat is a financial technology project whose mission is to bring back trust.

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