Smart "Master" Contract for Equity Distribution

Bruno Cecchini

[Leaders] Chief Waterboy Officer "CWO"

Project Description

A global token standard for issued equity offerings (IEOs) to provide an adaptative business logic workflow for equity full cycle distribution for multi-party stakeholders with full regulatory compliance from stock compensation, initial offering to trading on a secondary exchange.
Smart *Master*Contract (SMC*) Definition

A SMC* defines the encrypted set of the parameter agreement for labor, service, and transaction that represent the global state's consensus.

Master Contract definition in Wikipedia

  • Master contract (labor), agreement between a trade union and employer(s) which frames local negotiations.
  • Master service agreement, agreement between a client and a supplier regarding terms of work (common among professional contractors).

Master transaction agreement, a type of financial transaction common in banking and stock market

Project Objective

Developing a standard for the SMC* IEOs time duration (4 years) with cap table for periodic distribution with share class structure.
Key milestone
  • Setup the distributed ledger “Settlement Layer” ex:(Corda, Ethereum, Fabric etc..)
  • Tokenize stock certificate
  • Node identification "white listing" ex:(regulators, local jurisdictions, shareholders)
  • Setup custody service (wallet address states: hot, warm,cold)
  • Setup SMC* business logic with proxy
  • Run test net for IEOs simulation

Key insights

SMC*IEO is particularly useful for setting business logic agreement for the gig economy it will be interested to follow the SEC guidance on equity ownership Rule 701 for private companies. About digital stock certificate tokenization, Howard Marks just introduced a new standard for digital stock certificates: ERC-1450.

Be Prepared
Common knowledge about corporate finance with coding skill is a plus but not mandatory.

Bruno Cecchini

[Leaders] Chief Waterboy Officer "CWO"

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